How to use the psychology of color when marketing and branding

“Color provokes a psychic vibration, color hides a power still unknown but real, which acts on every part of the human body”

Wassily Kandinsky

What is the psychology of color for branding?

Whether You are designing Your company`s logos, signages, or other marketing materials, the color choice is the primary and important question that`s always running through your mind.

Before choosing the best color for Your brand, let`s understand what is the brand.

A brand is a personality that identifies a product, service or company, including a name, term, sign, symbol or design. A brand also represents the relationships between customers, staff, partners, investors, and so forth (Boundless).

Your brand`s color is a “face of Your brand”.

The external appearance is the first thing people stick to. Firstly, People used to come to a decision based on the appearance. So, Your brand image should be in harmony with Your business culture, people, mission and vision as well.

The psychologists prove the fact that 60% of your buyers may accept or reject Your brand because of your brand`s color.

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The right colors can attract people, evoke positive reactions and make the buy from You. Logo and signage color can even make people contemplate, or may distract people from concentrating on important tasks, as well as,
colors can stimulate, increase appetite and create a feeling of worth or loneliness.

“All colors arouse specific associative ideas…” – Yves Klein

 Important color choosing tips

Find Your message

  • When starting to work on your company`s branding or marketing materials, you need to reveal the hidden message of Your brand. In particular,
What do you want to say to your customers?
  • What kind of associations do you want to create around your brand? For example, are you in the IT industry Which is in need of building trust, safety or loyalty?

Are you offering psychological services which need to create peaceful interior and make clients feel relaxed? Evan though, there is no rules, no any accepted and ideal color for each category of brand, but you need to be realistic and optimistic about color choice.

2. Differentiate from Your Competitors

Some businesses may play in a red ocean, (Blue Ocean book by W. Chan Kim), but some businesses must play in a different new marketplace, where there is no a brand like yours. The more your brand colors are different from the competitors` brand color, the more original and catch it can be, but don’t forget to never ever be an eco-tourism company with red or black signages or logo. Anyway, creativity has no limits for brand designers and marketers. What if you are thinking of being extraordinary?

“Creativity is putting your imagination to work, and it`s produced the most extraordinary results in human culture.- Ken Robinson

3. Color tells your customers who you are really

Colors arise positive or negative emotions towards your products. It attracts your targeted and potential customers, remains on people mind even if they don`t remember about Your brand`s name

Let`s unlock the hidden messages about the psychology of color in marketing In order to create an impactful logo, build brand loyalty and win in a marketplace, where there are lots of competitors existing.

Red makes people eat or buy.

It comes as no surprise that color red stimulates the senses and raise the blood pressure. Some researchers show that people tend to gamble more and play riskier bets under a red interior. Color red arouses the appetite, that’s why it’s an excellent color for food products and restaurants. There is an interesting fact about eating
habits as well, related to the color red.

 According to one study by German and Swiss academics, eating meals on red plates, or drinking from red cups cuts consumption by about 40 percent.

There are many food companies, associated with food product who admit red as a brand color, some of the companies are Coca-Cola, Red Lobster, McDonald`s, Burger King. The red branding of these brands makes customers enter the store and buy more food than they are in need of.

Yellow is the color of positive energy and happiness.

Yellow logos. IKEA, BIC, Best Buy

Yellow is very warm, playful and happy color. It is psychologically optimistic, brightening. Yellow creates a friendly, positive atmosphere. Yellow is a color of intellect as well, and maybe this is the reason why 75% of the
pencils sold in The United States are yellow. You can try to use yellow utensils to boost creativity and act like you are a bright entity.

On the other hand, the color yellow can cause aggression and anxiety. The color Yellow inspires people to keep moving as well, it is the reason why some huge companies use the vivid yellow color in their branding. Some of them, are Ferrari, and McDonald`s. A bright yellow is an ideal option for playful and entertaining products or companies. There are much huge company`s using positive associations of yellow in their brand marketing. For example, Ikea, Best Buy Blue builds trust and calms the mind.

Blue Color branding for IT companies and telecommunications. Dell, HP, GAP,AT&t, Pay Pal logos

Interestingly, the color blue is the most preferred color for a lot of businesses. The color blue is a symbol of dependability and safety, as well as blue is a color of the sky which is used to be related to a peaceful atmosphere. Blue also has a therapeutic meaning, that’s why, a lot of psychological clinics make the blue interior, in order to bring harmony to the mind and body.

Blue is often used in corporate businesses because it is productive, it boosts communication, and obviously, blue is a color of intellect. A lot of IT companies, telecommunications, and Hi-Tech companies benefit from blue`s calming features. For example, Facebook, Twitter, and AT&T use color blue in order to build trust and honesty. 

Black and white symbolize opposition and contrast.

Chanel logo. Black and white logo example. Elegant, classic logo

It’s a shining fact that the color white is the presence of all colors, however white is not a color itself, because white and black are always interrelated, especially in brand design. Black is teh color of authority and strength. Sometimes, some brands use black and white logos to imply the hidden meaning of femininity, and classy. A brand is also used to create logos in black when they are in a luxury marketplace. For example, Channel, Adidas, Hermes, and other luxury brands.

Green is eco-friendly and relaxing

Green logo, starbucks logo.
This color is suitable for logos of health-related stores because it is used to be associated with natural and organic products. Green is a color of health, nature, and trust.

Hospitals and schools use a pale green, soft green because it’s too much relaxing to eye and soul for the clients who are staying there. Green creates the vision of being connected with nature. A lot of brands using green color marketing to make people feel connected to nature. For example, WhatsApp, Starbucks, Acer, Heineken, Skoda, and other big companies.

Let`s sum it up

Researches on color psychology in Marketing and branding shows that colors affect our lives in an unconscious and mysterious way. We used to make impulsive decisions and jump on buying counting on our emotions gives us the colors of the brand.

One of the most interesting examinations is the JOE Hallock`s work on “Color Assignment, which is going to show that even man and woman refer to colors in different ways. So, starting to work on your brand color you need to choose your target. Are They Woman, or Man? Some studies on color perception show that shades and
tints are important as well, in this case, men prefer bold colors, and woman prefers soft

Deal with the magic and use the psychology of color to keep ahead of the competition!

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Article by Gayane Melkumyan