Effective Time Management Tips For CEO’S

“My favorite things in life don’t cost any money. It’s really clear that the most precious resource we all have is time.”

Steve Jobs

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The more we think we have time, the more we owe it. We are the only time makers in this world. Time is much if we master the art of time management.

Sometimes it`s a mess in CEOS head.  Remember that moment when You come to work in the morning and don`t know where to start from, because You have a lot of emails to send, many calls and meeting.

Take a deep breath. With a peaceful and relax mind You are able to manage all the thing if You know how to manage Your time effectively.

We have created the most powerful time management hacks and technics for You, which can help You to live Your life fully and happily, work and manage Your time wisely.

Use technologies but don’t refuse the old writing

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We live in a world where we eat and sleep using technologies or at least thinking about them. Time management and project management platforms and tools are changing the way we work and live. For example, the boards become electronic, the old sticky notes become online. Anyway,  note taking remains one of the effective activities.

Researchers found productivity dropped as much as 40% when subjects tried to do two or more things at once. (University of Michigan)—Entrepreneur

Sometimes it`s time-consuming to always open up an app or software tools to see the tasks, or to manage them. In order to overcome this, You can just get the old writing traditions back. For example at Great department, besides A HubSpot CRM, Asana task management tool, we decided to create a real board. That can help You cut Your time of reopening the apps or filling something missed. Sometimes it helps to have something on Your eyes. If You see it, it becomes comfortable and achievable for You. We created it for meeting and calls. We write down days of the week then 6 pockets for each day where we can put the notes about calls.

We can help You Save more time for other tasks. Write to us now and let`s speak about Your Business automation and marketing.
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Useful Time management apps

The ability to use our time effectively, sometimes, is more important than being a hard worker. Due to such amazing apps, we have the opportunity to do our tasks in a meaningful time, to track it, to plan, and to take notes. For example, I, as a content writer, sometimes have a problem with time management. Whenever I starting to write there are many things that are sparkling on my mind. So that creative things are distracting me from work. Being disciplined is the most important skill and characteristic of employees and CEO’S. The more they become disciplined, the more their office workers and employees will follow their example.

I suggest You use Flat Tomato app. 25 minute of work and 5 minutes of breaks will help You increase Your productivity and manage Your day wisely

Flat tomato time management app. Time management app screenshoots and steps

Use pocket to sharpen Your focus and concentration

Time management is about to be able to focus as well. When we focused we can do the same work faster than when we distracted. Surfing on the internet, we find many interesting articles, news. When I started my day from reading, I find out that they take my one or more hours in the morning. What to do with interesting articles?

Pocket. Save content from everywhere

I suggest You use Pocket and put here Your favorite links. You can come back to read them whenever You have time in the evening, or at a special time of the day.

An expert on this philosophy, Eckhart Tolle, says, “The clock’s hands move, but it is always now.” Grab the present intensely. You cannot know the future and you cannot re-do the past. Living now can help You with better concentration.

FInd a time for Your soul

Finding a time to do what You love, to spend with Yourself or the people whom You can feel Yourself with is important. If You are happy with Yourself, and doing other things besides working regularly, You are more motivated and enthusiastic toward work. Doing favorite things feed Your souls, make You smarter, calmer and happier. With a relaxed mind undoubtedly, You will manage Your time effectively.

Relaxing. A girl relaxing and nature

You can do yoga, go for sports, and chat with a lovely person, and Your time itself will be managed from the energy You get.

Make plans

Sometimes as a CEO You need to stay long hours at the office. This way, Your have a problem with work/life balance. With effective time management hacks and tips, You can enhance Your productivity and finish the work on time. How to achieve this? Our mind used to get lazy and do the works at night if we know that we have more time. If we don`t have any other way for not doing it, we do it by force.

In the last 20 years, working time has increased by 15% and leisure time has decreased by 33%

Overcoming the bad habit of postponing the tasks and jobs will help You become more productive. You need to have plans after work. If Your unconscious mind knows that, it will work until the time You program Yourself.

Time management is an art. Doing it well will help You win and excel everyone. These time management tips will help You get more time to relax as well as, will help You to use Your time effectively and wisely.

The article is written by Gayane Melkumyan

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