The 29 best tech companies to work for in 2019, according to employees

  • Jobs and recruiting site Glassdoor has announced its annual list of The 100 Best Places to Work in 2019, based on employee reviews and ratings.
  • Of the top 100 large companies, 29 were tech companies.
  • Below, we’ve compiled Glassdoor’s 2019 list of The Best Places to Work in tech.

Thinking about leaving your tech job, but getting lost in a sea of job postings?

On Tuesday, the jobs and recruiting site Glassdoor revealed its annual list, The 100 Best Places to Work in 2019, which could help those looking to narrow their job search. The ranking was decided based on employee reviews and ratings on Glassdoor, and of the 100 best-reviewed companies to work at, 29 were tech companies.

Some are household names, like Facebook — which was #1 on the 2018 list but dropped several spots following a scandal-filled year. Others companies that made the cut are lesser known but are still providing exceptional experiences for their employees.

Here is Glassdoor’s 2019 list of the best places to work in tech:

29. World Wide Technology

Overall ranking: #99Company rating: 4.2What it does: Technology consulting. What employees say: “Bar none, THE BEST place I have ever worked.” — World Wide Technology Senior Consultant (Denver, Colorado)

28. Expedia Group
Overall ranking: #92Company rating: 4.2What it does: Travel technologyWhat employees say: “Expedia is the best place to work. I have been here for 11 months and enjoying every single day. The culture is upbeat, leadership is transparent, clear on direction, very well organized process oriented company. Awesome work life balance.” — Expedia Software Engineering Manager (Chicago, Illinois)


27. HP Inc.


Overall ranking: #87Company rating: 4.2What it does: Maker of laptops, PC desktops, printers, and more.What employees say: “HP’s global footprint makes it unique in allowing you to have a BIG impact. Senior leaders are quality execs who’ve proven their mettle. Lots of opportunity to contribute given the size of the businesses.” — Anonymous HP Employee


26. NetApp

Overall ranking: #82Company rating: 4.2What it does: Data storage solutionsWhat employees say: “Great team chemistry. Interesting work. This company cares about its employees a lot and there are numerous events at work and outside work which show this.” — NetApp HPC Solutions Architect (Sunnyvale, California)


25. Apple

Overall ranking: #71Company rating: 4.3What it does: Computer hardware and software, and more.What employees say: “The company is AMAZING. There are limitless advancement opportunities. You work with some very cool people and the leadership cares about your development. You may get coaching but you never get battered or belittled.” — Apple At Home Advisor (Lakewood, Colorado)

24. Cisco Systems

Overall ranking: #69Company rating: 4.3What it does: IT, networking, and cybersecurity solutionsWhat employees say: “Military Friendly Culture empowers and gives transitioning veterans the opportunity to learn develop self to full potential. As a Military Retiree I feel there could not have been a better company to transition to than Cisco and the leadership team is very understanding and appreciative of what we bring to the table.” — Cisco Program Manager (Austin, Texas)
23. Paycom
Overall ranking: #62Company rating: 4.3What it does: Payroll and HR softwareWhat employees say: “This is honestly the best job I think I’ll ever have. The benefits are amazing and the pay is more than I ever thought I could get. BE WARNED this job is hard. Never in my life have I had so much stress. That’s the reason why it pays so well. Be prepared to be stressed every day and have heavy daily workloads and have new procedures constantly thrown at you from management. But guess what it’s your job so you either adapt or you don’t make it.” — Paycom Specialist (Oklahoma City, Oklahoma)

22. AppDynamics

Overall ranking: #58Company rating: 4.3What it does: App performance analyticsWhat employees say: “Great encouraging and supportive leadership. Promotional opportunities every quarter. Family atmosphere, where everyone has a genuine interest in you as an individual and employee.” — AppDynamics Business Development Representative (Dallas, Texas)

21. VMware

Overall ranking: #51Company rating: 4.3What it does: Cloud infrastructure and digital workspace technologyWhat employees say: “Lots of smart and talented coworkers who are happy to share information you will learn a lot in a short amount of time but are expected to contribute. Slackers need not apply. If you’re a slacker you won’t survive the high stress and fast pace.” — VMware Technical Support (Broomfield, Colorado)

20. Kronos Incorporated


Overall ranking: #44Company rating: 4.3What it does: HR, payroll, recruiting, and timekeeping softwareWhat employees say: “The culture is positive. Employees are hard working and care. Leadership cares for employees and their experience. The company also cares for their customers.” —Anonymous Kronos Employee (Denver, Colorado)

19. Cengage

Overall ranking: #41Company rating: 4.3What it does: Education technology and online textbooksWhat employees say: “The leadership of the company has been jaw-droppingly motivated, visionary, and transparent. They have turned a company haunted by downturns in the market into a trendsetter that is adapting profitably. Along the way they have been committed to employee growth and job satisfaction. I am thrilled with what we are doing for learning.” — Senior Cengage Systems Analyst (Rapid City, South Dakota)

18. TaskUs

Overall ranking: #40Company rating: 4.3What it does: Outsourced customer supportWhat employees say: “Taskus puts their people first, they understand that their people are the ones who make their company! I have gone through many interviews with other companies and Taskus is the first one who truly shows it!” — TaskUs Digital Content Moderator (San Antonio, Texas)

17. Intuit

Overall ranking: #38Company rating: 4.3What it does: Business and financial softwareWhat employees say: “Incredible company that has market dominance, yet also has so much room to grow. Management constantly preaches disruption, and its reflected in our priorities and work.” — Intuit Data Scientist


Overall ranking: #36Company rating: 4.3What it does: Creates interactive graphics for gaming and professional markets, like healthcareWhat employees say: “I’ll be up front and say that it has always been my dream to work here. With that in mind, I came in telling myself to look at this place as objectively as possible to not cloud my judgement. After working here for over a year, I must say, the hype is real.” — Senior Nvidia Systems Engineer (Santa Clara, California)

15. Microsoft

Overall ranking: #34Company rating: 4.4What it does: Creates computer software, consumer electronics, personal computers, and more.What employees say: “Respect for the individual, constant stressing of core cultural values of letting everyone be heard, etc. Decent work/life balance, though it’s hugely dependent on the individual to enforce. Individuals are encouraged to engage with managers at any level (for example with your manager’s manager’s manager…). There’s a general high-level of passion for the products we make.” — Senior Microsoft Electrical Engineer (Redmond, Washington)

14. Compass

Overall ranking: #32Company rating: 4.4What it does: Real estate agency and platform for buying, selling, and renting a home.What employees say: “Having recently joined Compass, all I can say about the company, its mission, and the people in it is… ‘simply amazing.’ Compass is a unicorn. It is that rare company that combines passion, focus, execution, vision, and has a heart and a soul.” — Anonymous Compass Employee (San Francisco, California)

13. Adobe

Overall ranking: #30Company rating: 4.4What it does: Software development company best known for its design and photo-editing solutions.What employees say: “Relentless commitment to customer success. This is the core of most day to day decisions and the North Star for all activity. This makes it a place to be proud to work. Incredible products. Amazing benefits and culture that draws incredibly talented individuals.” — Adobe Learning Specialist (San Jose, California)

12. SAP

Overall ranking: #27Company rating: 4.4What it does: Develops enterprise software to help manage business operations and customer relations.What employees say: “We have yoga and meditation classes, mindfulness workshops. Many invited guests from technology industries to provides you with information.

Leadership women workshops, global coaching, mentoring programs and flexible work environment.
 It is truly a top notch company that will give back to their employees.”— SAP Manager(Montreal, Québec)

11. Fast Enterprises

Overall ranking: #26Company rating: 4.4What it does: Software development for government agenciesWhat employees say: “Fast, even at the 1000+ size it is, still cares deeply about each and every employee. Their benefits, even the way they help people move, the way they bring individuals AND their spouses/families into the culture, it super impressive and I love that about Fast.” — Fast Enterprises Implementation Consultant(Boston, Massachusetts)

10. Paylocity

Overall ranking: #20Company rating: 4.4What it does: Payroll and HR softwareWhat employees say: “Great company culture. People that really believe in what we do, and investment in technology to push the envelope.” — Paylocity Account Executive (Tampa, Florida)

9. Ultimate Software

Overall ranking: #18Company rating: 4.4What it does: HR software, including payroll, benefits, and timekeeping products.What employees say: “Amazing company. It’s the only payroll / HCM organization that truly cares about the customer – and while it’s not easy – the organization has maintained an amazing culture all in an effort to provide the best support to the customer. I love that.” — Anonymous Ultimate Software Employee

8. DocuSign

Overall ranking: #17Company rating: 4.4What it does: Electronic signature technologyWhat employees say: “We’re on a good path with no signs of slowing down and a lot of untapped market potential. This is great news. Because the company is growing fast, there’s a lot of opportunity to grow your career and step up into new roles.” — DocuSign Enterprise Corporate Sales (San Francisco, California)

7. HubSpot

Overall ranking: #16Company rating: 4.4What it does: Sales and marketing softwareWhat employees say: “I’ve been at HubSpot now for almost 4 years and there’s nowhere else I’ve even thought about working in that time. Why? HubSpot is a great place to work. I feel like I’m valued. I have a lot of autonomy in how and when and where I work. I feel strongly about the mission of the company.” — Anonymous HubSpot Employee (Cambridge, Massachusetts)

6. Salesforce

Overall ranking: #11Company rating: 4.4What it does: Customer-relationship management softwareWhat employees say: “Supportive and inclusive environment, clear and reasonable expectations, challenging environment, awesome corporate mission, lots of room and support for professional growth.” — Salesforce Solutions Engineer (Cincinnati, Ohio)

5. Google

5. Google
REUTERS/Stephen Lam
Overall ranking: #8Company rating: 4.4What it does: The world’s most popular search engine, which also creates cloud computing, hardware, and software products, and more.What employees say: “If you’re a software engineer, you’re among the kings of the hill at Google. It’s an engineer-driven company without a doubt (that *is* changing, but it’s still very engineer-focused).” — Google Software Engineer (New York, New York)

4. Facebook

Overall ranking: #7Company rating: 4.5What it does: The world’s largest social network.What employees say: “Learning from great software engineers and/or researchers in AI. Too many political debates inside the company.” — Facebook Research Scientist (New York, New York)

3. LinkedIn

Overall ranking: #6Company rating: 4.5What it does: Social network for business professionals and recruitment toolWhat employees say: “Linkedin has a very strong emphasis on employee wellness and goes the extra mile to care how employees feel and does everything to make them more productive in their daily work. Linkedin offers best quality food, continuous wellness programs, clear paths to advance careers and everything else necessary for happiness.” — Anonymous LinkedIn Employee(Mountain View, California)

2. Procore Technologies

Overall ranking: #4Company rating: 4.5What it does: Construction project management softwareWhat employees say: “From the day I started working at Procore, I’ve felt welcome, engaged, and energized. The work is challenging and fast-paced, but the people and culture make coming to the office something I look forward to every day. Procore truly lives its values of Ownership, Optimism, and Openness.” — Anonymous Procore Employee (Carpinteria, California)

1. Zoom Video Communications

1. Zoom Video Communications
Overall ranking: #2Company rating: 4.5What it does: Cloud-based video conferencing technologyWhat employees say: “Honesty, this is the best company I have ever worked for, hands down. Our CEO practices what he preaches with Delivering Happiness. Management is great, no micromanaging, and always willing to help. The sales floor is competitive, but not toxic at all. Everyone is more than happy to help each other. We realize we are all a part of something special right now, and that this should be a team effort.”— Zoom Account Executive (Santa Barbara, California)
This story was originally published by Glassdoor.

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