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While there’s no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to effective Instagram strategy, there are some tips and tactics you can learn from social media experts who manage large, high-visibility Instagram accounts.

We reached out to 10 different digital strategists and social media managers at brands like Random House, Lexus, and Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams to find out what strategy secrets they’ve seen be most effective. With this insight, we’ve created an ebook where you’ll find new tactics and tips that make your Instagram efforts even more powerful. Here’s a preview of what you will find in this ebook.

1. Focus on Consistency & Listening

Insight from Sophie Vershbow, Senior Social Media Manager for Random House Publishing Group (@RandomHouse)

Random House - Instagram Strategy

Random House Instagram Strategy: The Instagram strategy for this well-established publishing house is all about maintaining a reputation of reliability and consistency. How do they do that? They use a flexible editorial calendar to plan and execute Instagram content that drives engagement for the brand.

Types of content: Brand photography, video, user-generated photo content

Random House - Instagram

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Their secrets to success:

  1. Going into every month with a skeleton of post dates and ideas
  2. Using topical content to capture the interest of the audience
  3. Allowing room for flexibility to capitalize on timely content
  4. Monitoring weekly stats to see which content performs best and then integrating that into future strategy

2. Get Good at Creating Low-Cost Video Content

Insight from Diane Le, Director of Digital for The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf (@thecoffeebean)


The Coffee Bean - Instagram Strategy

The Coffee Bean’s most effective Instagram strategy: For this coffee shop chain, an Instagram strategy that leverages video helps boost engagement, as the platform rewards video content by giving it more organic reach.

Bonus: When they do promote video content, they often see it reduces their cost per engagement in comparison to static photos.

Types of content: Videos, brand photography/illustrations, user-generated content, boomerangs

The Coffee Bean - Instagram Videos

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Their secrets to success:

  1. Creating low-cost video content from a single image: Take a single image, add different variations of text on top, save each one as an image, and then turn the images into a GIF
  2. Boosting engagement by asking questions in the post text
  3. Promoting video content that has already demonstrated organic effectiveness

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