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As Instagram Stories usage continues to grow, you can expect brands to be looking for more ways to utilize the option to expand their reach and tap into the rising trend. And this new integration could become a key consideration for more businesses in 2019 – streaming giant Netflix has this week announced a new process which will enable users to share the latest TV show or movie they’re watching in the app direct to their Instagram Story.

Netflix Instagram Stories integration examples

As explained by TechCrunch:

“The feature will add the title’s custom art to a users’ Instagram Story, where it’ll remain visible for 24 hours. The Story can also be customized with other options, like a user poll, for example.”


And as you can see in the second frame above, if the viewer has the Netflix app installed on their device, there’ll also be a ‘Watch on Netflix’ link at the top left of the image, facilitating direct connection to the title.

The option could spark a lot of interest from other organizations – Facebook actually announced the Instagram Stories third-party integration process last May at its annual F8 conference, with Spotify, and GoPro among the initial small group of partners. But given the rising popularity of Netflix, and the more visual, and viral, nature of its offerings, this variation, in particular, could spark a lot more interest in the process, and get more brands thinking about how they might be able to add the same, with the direct link back to their own apps also providing a lure.

If this piques your interest, you can read the full documentation on how to enable Stories integration from your app on Facebook’s developer blog. It’s a fairly technical process (and the attribution link option is only available to approved developers), but it enables essentially the same functionality as Netflix is utilizing, while there’s also an option to create similar for Facebook Stories too.  

As noted, given the rising popularity of the Stories format, you can bet more businesses will be looking for options – and this new Netflix integration could spark a lot more interest.

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To drink a glass of wine with or without a slice of cheese?

That is the best combination that always goes together. Nowadays Digital marketing can`t exist without Video Marketing.  Video marketing is the new trend of an old and famous romance.

As per another creative example, for me, Video content is not a king but a queen. We know that in chess the queen has more power than the king.

No matter what kind of business You have, video marketing will boost Your conversion rate, help You in better SEO ranking, generate conversions and increase customer engagement. These are not all the benefits You will gain while using video power.

A man writing marketing strategy. Yellow man outfit, graphs and diagrams. Marketing

After watching a video, 64% of users are more likely to buy a product online.

We live in an over automated era. It was only in 1930 that the washing machines became automatic. It changed our lives drastically. Now, Video Marketing play the same role.

Play with the illustrations, imagine with no boundaries, create lifelike motions…
How one could reject the new awesome video marketing trend?

Purple picture and a glass with colorful candies. Colors and creativity

Robotics, machine learning an AI has improved productivity. People evaluate their time, resources and speed more than before. In this hectic pace of life, marketers will try to find the most simple yet effective ways to achieve their marketing prospects. Video marketing automation do this job amazingly.

Video marketing does not steal You time. It gives You a lot of time for Your other marketing tasks to do. Video marketing software takes care of Your budget as well. Here are some of the benefits.

  • Robotics, machine learning an AI in a blue picture with smartphone

Customizable videos- You can change fonts, branding, color easily.
It’s easily transforming into every video format. For example, on Youtube, on Facebook, and on other platforms.
The orientation. Create square, vertical, landscape videos in one step.

Video Marketing now is easier, time-consuming and cost-effective for Your business.

Animated videos are going to accomplish the wine and cheese scenario. What about to Invite a cut and eye-touching girl to a party. Is it attractive? Then use video animation and invite Your customers to a party to win their heart. You can organize a party on online social media, on your website, on Your landing page, on email marketing, on messenger.

Video content is more natural, more simple yet user-friendly. This is relevant to develop user manuals, how-to videos, product explanations, brand stories, and promotional videos.

You can use the magnet of animated videos on varied business purposes.

Emotion trigger works well when it`s about animated videos.

It`s not a quite surprising fact that people buy products relying on emotions, not on logic. The illustrated videos are excelling in this job.  You can create animated videos to boost warmest feelings, remind of joyful happy memories, say words from different mouths and so on.


Your mind has no limitations, especially when it is about animation.

“ Well, luckily with animation, fantasy is your friend “. If You sell perfume You can show how people get lost on another planet when filling the aroma. Show the process with creative and illustrated patterns. 

 We create animated explainer videos which will make Your business stand out.

Be the next level marketer.

Marketing is all about to be a step forward. For example, if You wrote a book on marketing yesterday, today you can refer to it as a lost. So, animated videos allow You to create future. Does it make sense on You? For example, Your scenario can take place on a new imaginative planet with new characters like an animal who have awkward gestures. You can create astounding animation so that Your blogging strategy will be up to date.

Exaggerate emotions and touch people hearts.

Sometimes in ordinary videos, it is hard to show such kind of feelings;  guilt, love, hug, shy, or to describe the feelings with illustrated patterns. With animated videos, You can promote Your fashion shop. For example, show a man who becomes more powerful like a strange animal with Your wearing. People will associate Your brand with power.

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Make your customers fall in love with Your brand- Brand storytelling.

Customers like, instagram likes and video likes. marketing.

Brand stories are one of the most effective ways to stick on peoples mind. Remind about Your name and business. One of the shining examples of animated brand stories videos is a Lego`s brand story. It will make You want the lego, even if You are not a child.

With online video animation makers, You can create Your content both for the visual, and audial and kinesthetic audience.

What does it mean in digital marketing? People gain information in different ways. Work with all type of leads and customers. Video marketing is the best strategy for Your business, whether it is a type of B2C or B2B business.

Marketing automation and video marketing. Purple industry 4.0

Either You can hire a video animator whom you need to pay on average $5000 and spend a 3-5 day to manage the process for a 30-sec promotional video or You can develop a unique and high-quality video with simplified automated software which will cost almost nothing. For example, the Great Department offers You such kind of creative solutions. Video Marketing automation based on AI and machine learning is the best solution for Your business.

Rock it!

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The article is written by Gayane Melkumyan.