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The term is being used more and more, but there is a lot behind we still need to learn. What is the Internet of Things – the IoT? According to Wired in the broadest sense, the term IoT encompasses everything connected to the internet, but it is increasingly being used to define objects that “talk” to each other. “Simply, the Internet of Things is made up of devices – from simple sensors to smartphones and wearables – connected together,” Matthew Evans, the IoT program head at techUK, says. By combining these connected devices with automated systems, it is possible to “gather information, analyse it and create an action” to help someone with a particular task, or learn from a process. In reality, this ranges from smart mirrors to beacons in shops and beyond. “It’s about networks, it’s about devices, and it’s about data,” Caroline Gorski, the head of IoT at Digital Catapult explains. IoT allows devices on closed private internet connections to communicate with others and “the Internet of Things brings those networks together. It gives the opportunity for devices to communicate not only within close silos but across different networking types and creates a much more connected world.” 1. Deloitte University Press – Inside the Internet of Things (IoT). A primer on the technologies building the The Internet of Things. Deloitte’s Internet of Things practice enables organizations to identify where the IoT can potentially create value in their industry and develop strategies to capture that value, utilizing IoT for operational benefit. You can find the PDF file here. IoT Deloitte 2. Accenture – The Internet of Things. The next big opportunity for media companies. To ride the wave of opportunities that the The Internet of Things will provide, media companies need to understand their potential role, their key success factors and the IoT domains they should operate in. You can the read the full version in PDF here. Accenture IoT 3. Cisco – The Internet of Things How the Next Evolution of the Internet Is Changing Everything. The Internet of Things, sometimes referred to as the Internet of Objects, will change everything—including ourselves. This may seem like a bold statement, but consider the impact the Internet already has had on education, communication, business, science, government, and humanity. Clearly, the Internet is one of the most important and powerful creations in all of human history. White paper is available in PDF here. Check Great Department’s Data Management, Analytics and Visualization services here.